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all the artwork i do by myself:D
if theres anyone who wants me to draw their char. note me.i get bored easliy on weekends:bored:


art/animations that i love:D


pokemon and pokemon team
phantump christmas drawing by payero01
Isaias's pokemon team by payero01

you may ask for a decorative background or leave it blank

and you may ask for any pokemon

marker/color pencil commission
Cutevee And Dinimon by payero01 old pigly by payero01 Knuckles Birthday by payero01
sketch/line-art (optional shading or background to your choice)
Sketch miley by payero01 request by payero01 conrad sketch by payero01
icons/matching icons
ryan and luke icon by payero01 new possible 2012 icons by payero01


payero01 has started a donation pool!
901 / 1,000
donate if you support my art,+i'm saving up to give to others

Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Commissions Open Stamp by izka197 yes my commission's are open! i need money for a new laptop, so please any amount of points would be great ):> PLEASE NOTE ME,DON'T COMMENT ON MY PROFILE PAGE "i want a commission"
Work For Points "Stamp" by Nessarie

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Unexpected Cake by payero01
Unexpected Cake
I AM SUPER LATE @_@ but look cake! X3 i'll figure out another drawing maybe tomorrow, for now please enjoy how tiny i am ^^

misty and lisa(c):iconlisathemaster17:
day 9 favorite ghost type ::Gourgeist:: by payero01
day 9 favorite ghost type ::Gourgeist::
It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey -pokedex

............what? ;_; wait what REALLY?!?! wtf man ... thats evil, but than again this is nintendo and they don't think we read the pokedex entries? :D hahahaha at least some of us do

day 8 favorite flying type ::Braviary:: by payero01
day 8 favorite flying type ::Braviary::
They fight for their friends without any thought about danger to themselves. One can carry a car while flying. -pokedex

yeah so america >3> ........AMERICA!!!

day 7 favorite fire type ::Ninetales:: by payero01
day 7 favorite fire type ::Ninetales::
Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1,000-year curse. -pokedex

i swear to god i didn't spend all day on this @_@ im decorating my house full of Christmas stuff and i had a couple of chores to do.

enjoy the crappy background X3

day 6 favorite fighting type ::Mienshao:: by payero01
day 6 favorite fighting type ::Mienshao::
It wields the fur on its arms like a whip. Its arm attacks come with such rapidity that they cannot even be seen. -pokedex

yeah so imagine you got slapped in the face by him. XD lol

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  • Drinking: tea



- Pick 13 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 13 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.

- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters!

- Link back to the blank.

- Have fun! :pumpkin:



















1. Before you do anything, you found [5] and [1] in your room in the middle of a staring contest. What was your reaction and do they ask you for candies?

((sasha and miley staring at each other ))

Me:……wtf are you two doing?

Sasha:im proving to this bitch that I can beat her at something simple! >: D

Miley: really sasha? Mockery? Can you not think of anything better?

Sasha: slut -_-

Miley: !!!*tramples at sasha* YOU IMBECILIC, CONTEMPTUOUS ERINACEINAE!! *hits Sasha’s head*


Me: stop it! Just stop! Right now!


2. Phew. You managed to shove them back to their world(s). For some reason, people in [5]'s world immediately praising his/her fabulous hair when they see him/her. Why is that? (If [5] doesn't have hair or fur, choose whatever body part you want)

((people praising sasha for her hair))

Sasha: HELL YEAH! About time somebody recognizes my awesomeness! Ha!ha!

((me:its so obvious she loves it  -w-;))


3. Meanwhile [1] have been hired to be the new mascot of a Halloween supply shop and is standing in the shop all dressed up neatly in a lolita dress (with a matching wig too if you want) when [7] walks in and sees him/her.

Miley: well now this is…peculiar *looks at herself in the mirror* but it does match with my natural color J

Reddy:*finds miley in the shop* Miley? Why are you in that dress?

Miley: oh! Reddy! You gave me such a fright. Oh, apparently I am the new symbol of this Halloween supply store.

Reddy: really? That’s cool

Miley: yes, it appears so. anyway what is your business here if I may ask?

Reddy: uuhh….i cant say >.> ((me: he went there to see what to get for silvia :3 ))


4. Ooh [10] was the old mascot of the shop before he/she was fired! What was the reason and any hard feeling?

Katrina: im not upset about it, I just didn’t fit the role. It happens to everybody now and then. Besides, Halloween isn’t exactly my favorite holiday.

Me: well damn .3. …..

5. Inspired by [10]'s situation, [7] is writing a depressed poem and [4] have been chosen to be the lucky first reader. How does it go?

Reddy: I hate this meme so damn much =_= *he gives the poem to silvia* listen, just don’t think much of it ok? I was pissed off while writing this

Silvia: *finishes reading the poem and looks at reddy with a sad face* I had nooo idea reddy ;____; *she holds reddy and puts her head on his chest* :heart:

Reddy: … .//_//. Kay *pats her head* its ok, im fine now

((me: aaww :3 ))


6. Enlightened up by the masterpiece, [4] calls [11] and [8] for a drink to talk about life and sophisticated matters. Where would they go?

((silvia,iran, and rex are at starbucks! XD ))

Silvia: *drinking hot chocolate* it was so sad ;_; it made me rethink my whole option of whether or not I should show reddy who I really am

Rex: *thinks to himself: why am I here with these kids? =_= this isn’t my scene*

Iran: chao, chao -_- * im not even supposed to be here today*

Silvia: do you think I should tell him?

Rex: what? Oh! Um…well you cant hide it forever, besides its not even that bad.

Silvia: but it would change everything! D,X>

Rex: no it wouldn’t! jeez you’re over thinking it

Iran: chao!chao!chao! *no she’s not, she’s right it would change a lot of things!*

Rex: see, even iran thinks you should do it

Iran: chao! *no I don’t!*

Silvia: hmm….


7. While drinking, [4], [11] and [8] see [3] and [9] walking in, wearing each other's clothing (if your chars don't wear clothes, they are in each other's color scheme/markings). What are their reactions?

((candy is wearing a  minecraft shirt and shorts))

Silvia: Conrad? Why are you wearing dr.candy’s clothes?

Rex:… that’s a new look for ya doc.

Iran: chao *oh no* L

Conrad: oh hello silvia! ^^ are you eating well and staying away from sweets?

Candy: hey guys! X3 *waves her hand at them*

*silvia and rex looks surprised: O_____O*


8. The real reason is [3] and [9]'s souls or whatever was switched. It's mean [3] is in [9]'s body and the opposite. And killing [8] is the only way to switch their bodies back...

Conrad: so yeah, that’s the situation

Rex: …..why me? -_- cant we have the all-mighty miss.creator to change you back?

Candy: whoa shit! She can do that?!*she’s drinking coffee*

Conrad: hey! Don’t drink so much! Coffee can stain teeth!

Candy: well I like coffee

Conrad: ugh -_- …..

Iran: chao, chao*I guess I should tell katrina*

Silvia: this is a huge problem L


9. Just joking. Their body switching effect will wear off after 24 hours. But how was [8]?

Rex: that wasn’t funny asshole

Sivia: yeah seriously, that would’ve been awful! Even to sasha!

Rex: where is she anyway?

((sasha is enjoying the sweet life of being “awesome”))       


10. Ok enough with the randomness. Time for the main event. [13] invited everyone in the group to an awesome Halloween party in the woods. Everyone except for [2]. How come?

Angel: she’s just jealous of me -_-

Me: no its cuz you had to mention to cutevee about what she did last summer with you-know-who

Angel: I was only kidding!


11. Uh oh. Looks like [6] got lost in the woods when trying to get to the party. Feels like being watched, [6] slowly turns back and see a tall, thin, no-face man in a black suit with tentacles behind his back... Slendy?

Sashay: excuse me can you tell me how to get to this place? *shows slenderman the map*

Slenderman: *points to the  left*

Sashay: oh great, thank you J *waves bye to slenderman*


12. Back to [2], he/she decided to come to the party anyway. [2] got on a random public vehicle and... DING DING! It turned out to be a television game show where you can answer questions to win money! Hosted by a clown! Do they agree to play it? Heck, do they even know what is a television game show?

Clown: hello there little guy! Welcome to “CAB GRAB!” where I ask some questions and you answer them to earn money!

Angel: can I not play?


13. Oh I forgot to mention that they will lose their soul, or life, or both if they lose the game.

Angel: wait WHAT?!?!? O_O


14. In the meantime [10] and [12] are having a fun time poking graves in an abandoned grave yard on their way to the party. But some ghosts aren't very happy about this...

Sandy: I’m a little confused on this whole thing katrina

Katrina: this is all based on human belief, they feel the need to bury their loved ones in the ground so that they can be near them whenever they need to.

Sandy: loved ones?

Katrina: family and beloved friends

Sandy: I see…


15. Well looks like [10] have been haunted by an honest spirit and have to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth what he/she has in mind. Oh dear, I hope [10] will be alright. By the way what is his/her thought about [12]?

Katrina: you really should be more open to people sandy, its ok if they don’t understand you or if you feel confused

Sandy: but…..

Katrina: it’s better than being alone


16. [10] and [12] meet up with [3] (still in [9] body) along the way. Hearing the case of [10], does [3] try to do anything to help?

Candy: just think of a happy thought ^w^ :star:

Sandy: how would that help?

Candy:it always helps me :3

Katrina: oh Conrad ^^;


17. Big news! [13] is actually a vampire! If they are already a vampire, they are now a sparkling pink fairy. What is [4] reaction when he/she finds out?

*silvia is hiding behind reddy*

Silvia: go away! D,X>

Reddy: *sigh* -//_//-

Dinimon: im not gonna bite her ._.

Silvia: aaaaahhhhh! D,X>


18. If [1] had the ability, what would [1] make [7] wear for the party?

Miley: I would advise for you to wear proper attire for this party -_-

Reddy: like what?

Miley: how about a nice brown striped shirt with dark blue jeans?

Reddy: I don’t like clothes

Miley: you can not just walk about naked!

Reddy: phht


19. Well lets make them happy for a day shall we? [7] is now wearing the chosen outfits by [1]. What is [5] reaction when he/she see [7]?

Reddy: god I feel spiffy

Sasha: you look like a nerd

Reddy: miley I hate these clothes!

Miley: you look fine ^^

Reddy: I look like a dork!

20. Dashing isn't it. Oh wow everyone have arrived at the party! (If anyone was killed in the previous questions, they are now zombie)

*group photo! X3 *


21. You know what, [3] and [9]? [13] is the culprit who responsible for your body switching...

((they have their bodies back))

Dinimon: aaayyy XD

Conrad: aaaayyy XD

Candy: …. You ruined my body! DX<

Conrad: I just drank coffee and had pizza .3.

Candy: nnnnnooooooo!


22. The party is over! Tag someone or lets drunk [11] says something to end the meme!

I tag all ya’ll X3

Iran: chao,chao * bye, bye* ^^


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Diana or DVP
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
hello i am a quite stabburn,crazy,artistic,and nice little girl.i love animals small or big,i am a sonic/cartoon artist.i do some animation from time to time just to get the hang of it.i started drawing when i was only 2 years whole inspiration was my dad,sonic the hedgehog.i am also a gamer,i play during my free time away from DA.i aced all my sonic games from sonic adventure to sonic generations.i play other games like mario,spyro and pacman(i am not allowed to play violent games,EVEN THO I WANT TO!!!DX>) so enjoy my art and other stuff here^^ just to keep in mind I NEVER STOP DRAWING!!!

also feel free to draw some fanart :3 i would really appreciate it :heart: thank you

Forgetful by prosaixNever Stop. . . by WookiesarebetterSTAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepjeDream Traveler Klonoa - Stamp by Eva49Studio Ghibli Love by ReverieSummonerPokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceI love Homestuck by LadyQuintessenceClassic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyroRayman Stamp by EmpovylePacman Stamp by pillze69My Art, My Rules by Survey-chanStrafe and Darky by NauTii-DarkSideMy Anus is ... by Mr-StampCat Love Stamp by cloudratTransformers Stamp by Slovman. sensitive stamp by kowai-kumaI love animals stamp by Masanohashi

relationship status: taken by :icontetsurokun:

BROTHERS!!X) :heart::star::iconcoffee-vee:&:iconwolfhunter312::star::heart:

SISTERS! X3 :heart::star::icondrpeppershark::iconartwila::iconsashlyr::iconlisathemaster17: & :iconnaikopako::heart:(of course thats how i see them as^^; )

YOUTUBE!!--->… i have no laptop so no update yet

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